Need a replacement engine for your Diesel truck or SUV?
You have come to the right place!!!
Here at Tearaparts we have a great selection of remanufactured diesel engines, many of which are ready to ship when you order them!
Our manufacturer has been building Ford, Chevy and Dodge diesel engines for the last 30 years.

Tearaparts is proud to be able to offer these remanufactured diesel engines to our customers at a great price with a great warranty to give you excellent value!
Watch the video below to see exactly what you can expect to get when you order from us.
Check out more details below:
Whats included with this engine?
All of our remanufactured diesel engines come as rotating long block assemblies. That means they will consist of block, crank, pistons, timing components and heads with valvetrain. All engines are shipped with oil pump and gasket set.
Whats the Warranty
on this Engine?
Our remanufactured diesel engines come standard with an 18 month / unlimited mileage parts and labor warranty. You also have the option to upgrade to a 3 year / 100,000 mile parts and labor warranty if you would like.
How much does shipping cost?
Our prices include shipping to a commercial address and the return shipping of the core as well!
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